pascal sender

During my graduation show at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf I collected thousands of lines from visitors in the name of art. These were drawn on big sheets of paper. As soon as a line crossed the edge of the paper, the work was done. I wrote down the name of the participant (if given) and hung the piece of paper on a wall in the exhibition space.

For the first time, I experienced this brief anonymous collaboration and it still fascinates me today. This pure, genuine way of working together with others seems very honest to me.

Next to collecting lines I also did numerous line games. For every game I set new rules with the participants. In turns, we would draw one line each until the piece was finished.


Since August 2016 I have occupied myself with the possibilities of live streaming.

By doing this I can engage with that same anonymity and today’s fast pace of life. After trying out various platforms I started an online live performance.

After a few months of research I realized that the aspect of having a solo entertainer and the interacting with users offers the exact kind of artistic playground I want to experiment on. I sketched out several concepts to host an effective way of co-working with viewers.

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acrylic paint on canvas        
100x140cm / 3h 2min 4s / 378 viewers / 3 sessions        


My live painting performance during Luxembourg art week was titled "iSpray what you want". The painting exceeds the borders of the canvas. The quick execution suggests scribbles on public bathroom walls.

mixed techniques on canvas and wall
90x100cm / 1h 1min 4s / 223 online viewers

acrylic paint on canvas
120x140cm / 1h 22min 8s / 63 viewers
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mixed techniques on jutte canvas
140x190cm / 1h 9min 50s / 220 viewers
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oil pastel on canvas
60x90cm / 8min 4s / 13 viewers

oil on canvas
30x50cm / 13min 16s / 53 viewers
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mixed techniques on canvas
140x280cm / 1h 55min 31s / 434 viewers

BOB 23.04.2017
Spraypaint on fabric
254 Viewers / 79min

CANADA ZOO 22.04.2017
Spraypaint on fabric
118 Viewers / 59min 57s

TRUMPDOLPIN 18.03.2017
Spraypaint on canvas
46 min 28s /  198 VIEWERS

oil on canvas
160x240cm / 5h19min 21s / 169 comments / 49 likes / 2 sessions

watercolor on paper
A4 / Jodel app: Düsseldorf, 11/24/2016 / 33 upvotes / 56 pins / 138 comments
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Contrary to the desired participation in my personal broadcasts, I also wanted the viewer to find her- or himself in a solely observant role. I was inspired to create works which on one hand incorporate live recordings, however, lay emphasis on the stillness of a painting as well. Nowadays, there are many interesting places around the globe that are easily accessible to us. These include natural venues, such as Adelboden in Switzerland, or public places, like main road crosswalks in the US and elsewhere. Here, tipsy passersby might be well aware that they are being captured on film just to indulge in silly behaviours right before our very eyes.

These sceneries I access via the internet and modify their pictures to my content. This step is essential with regard to potential day-like lighting conditions of the display. I cast the live streams onto painted canvases to create hybrid-style pieces that can be understood as an interface between digital and analogue art forms. The painting comes alive with the flick of a switch. While working on the crossroads in Shibuya, Japan, during the night of Halloween, I was surprised to see Japanese guards managing the flow of disguised masses with wavy light-pedals.

oil on canvas
120x160cm / endless live-stream projection
timelapse video 2016

ZEICHEN  (in Japanese)

mixed techniques on canvas
160x210cm / loop projection